United States - Alaska - No COVID-19 Testing Required

Alaska Governor eliminated COVID testing requirements for 2021 visitors

Until this past weekend, US citizens flying to Alaska from the lower 48 were required to show evidence of a negative PCR viral test within 72 hours of boarding their flight. Governor Dunleavy cited that Alaska is getting closer to getting back to normal as the rationale for eliminating this mandate for 2021 travelers contemplating an Alaskan vacation. In a statement, the governor declared, "my administration will begin moving Alaska, it's economy, and our lives forward through this transition and recovery process." "Make no mistake about it, the virus may be with us for some time, but the data shows that the worst is most likely behind us."  

This is exciting news for those considering travel or those who already have a booked trip this summer. Please bear in mind, travel mandates are fluid, and this can be reversed if deemed necessary.   

All lodges must have a comprehensive health and safety plan for guests that the state has approved. Safety of the guests is priority one for everyone involved.  

This is a positive step for travel and a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. To learn more about travel to Alaska and what lodges have availability, please contact Alaska Destination Specialist, Tom Gilliland. 

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