United States – Big Hole Lodge – Montana Snow Pack

Montana Snow Pack Levels Currently Over 100%

Outstanding snow pack for winter of 2017 equates to fantastic water levels for late summer / early fall fly fishing at Big Hole Lodge in southwestern Montana.

An old-fashioned Montana February brought the Pioneer Mountains record-breaking snowfall and much of southwest Montana is now at or above normal snow pack for this time of year. According to the Natural Resources Conservation Service, February stands out this year because March and April are typically the key snow months with April being the largest. In the Upper Big Hole, they’re already well above average for snow water equivalent.

Everyone at Big Hole Lodge eagerly awaits their guests’ arrival when their season kicks off May 1, 2017. The summer / fall season for 2017 still has availability in some of the favorite weeks including: early-June salmon fly hatch, mid-July caddis and mayflies and August tricos and hoppers. There are also a few spots in September when the river is quiet and the fish know that winter weather is around the corner and are in full feeding mode. Space is filling up and you’re not going to want to miss this water year in southwestern Montana!”

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