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Forging Frontiers II: Striking Silver

I’m staring at my fishing gear like a hungry dog stares at a cheeseburger. The only difference is I’m not drooling…at least not yet. I’m typically fully engaged assembling details for incoming Alaska anglers and preparing them for, odds on, the best fishing experience of their life.

As I enter my third week working from home, I find my mind drifting away to relive the best fishing experiences I’ve had in Alaska. There have been plenty, and there will definitely be more great memories to add. Here’s something to occupy a few minutes of your time to release those pent up fishing endorphins. I’ll invite you along on a virtual tour of Unalakleet River Lodge on Frontiers you-tube channel for some of the best silver salmon fishing on the planet.

Alaska is such a unique and vast natural wonder; sometimes, I forget I’m still in the United States. It’s a magical blend of spectacular mountain vistas, rivers teeming with trout and salmon, sealife viewing on all coasts, daily wildlife encounters, and a plethora of active choices for both sporting and touring. If you love the outdoors, Alaska is a must-see.

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