Yellowfin Tuna


The Yellowfin tuna is among the larger tuna species, reaching weights over 180 kg (400 lb), but is significantly smaller than the Atlantic and Pacific bluefin tunas, and slightly smaller than the bigeye tuna and the southern bluefin tuna. Yellowfin tuna are epipelagic fish that inhabit the mixed surface layer of the ocean above the thermocline. They are capable of diving to considerable depths. Although mainly found in deep offshore waters, Yellowfin tuna may approach shore when suitable conditions exist. Yellowfin tuna often travel in schools with similarly sized companions. They are highly migratory and are found throughout the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

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As a global warm water saltwater species, they are available at a number of lodges we represent internationally from Panama to Mexico to Australia.  


Most are caught on conventional gear, but they are a terrific fly rod species if you can find schools of fish less than 40 pounds. They are often working bait balls. With some chumming, you can often keep the fish around the boat and free cast and hook into these monsters. When they dive, they are very difficult to lift. We suggest heavy tackle -- 12 to 14-weight rods with fighting grips. We suggest large arbor super high quality saltwater reels with great drag systems. A slow sink or sink tip line works well since they are often under the surface a bit.


We suggest anchovy patterns and other bait fish imitations. Tandem rigges flies work well. When they are  crashing bait on the surface, saltwater poppers work well too.  

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Specializes in South America, Mexico, and Iceland fishing programs.

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Specializes in South America fishing and shooting departments. Plus, fishing in Mongolia and Canada.

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Specializes in Belize, Cabo San Lucas and American West fishing programs.

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Specializes in Bahamas, Belize, Christmas Island fishing, and United States wingshooting programs.

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