Spanish Partridge Shooting - a superb opportunity

This opportunity is something that should be on every sportsman’s bucket list. The history, style and top-class sport of Ventosilla is a unique experience. Due to a cancellation, we have a very exclusive opportunity for a group of guns to stay at Ventosilla Palace for two days of driven partridge shooting on possibly some of the best dates of the season.

Your trip would include two night’s stay at Ventosilla Palace (nights of 11th and 12th) and two full days shooting.

12th – 13th February 2020

Home to the first-ever driven partridge shoot in Spain held in 1884, Ventosilla is one of the most famous Spanish partridge shoots and its reputation is rightly earned, it does not get more traditional than this. The Palace was built in the 15th century by the wealthy and powerful cardinals of Toledo as their private hunting estate and their descendants still own and run the estate to this day. The estate has 60 drives covering thousands of acres enabling guests to decide what type of birds and shooting they would like to experience.

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